Fall Open Studio Oct 23 & 24!

The Hunters Point Shipyard cordially invite you to our 2021 Open Studios!

This year we are over one hundred artists opening our doors to the public.
Drop in anytime between 11 am to 6pm and check out your favorite art.
If you can’t stop by during this weekend we have created an online store for you where you can explore our work.

There will be outdoor food vendors and musical entertainment at two destinations. 
Check out the map in the catalog that’s handed to you when you enter the shipyard, you will find guides to artists and food destinations.

In person again after two years!

October 23 & 24, 2021 
11 to 6pm
101 Horne Ave., San Francisco.

I have a NEW STUDIO – come and check it out! Building 101, STUDIO 1117

Come over to the shipyard during our open studio weekend. Look at art and meet local artists.. 😃

It’s time for Hunters Point Shipyard Artists Spring Open Studio!

Open Studio is here once more and you are invited to come!! 😀
And you are the most important ingredient in an open studio because if we don’t have any visitors – it will be a very sad event.
So come on over and pay me a visit during the weekend of..

April, 21st and 22nd
11am to 6 pm
at The Hunters Point Shipyard
Building 101, Studio 1306

Free parking will be found on 451 Galvez Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124

See you soon!

It was a fabulous weekend!

I want to say a big thank you to all of you who came out to visit us this weekend!  …in rain or shine you were here <3

Thank You for your visit! ©www.PernillaPersson.com 2016

Thank You for your visit!  ©www.PernillaPersson.com 2016


here are some more photos from Studio 1306 in building 101.

2015 appreciation party!

We are around 40-50 artists in Building 101 that are opening our doors on Sunday, Dec 6th, between 11-5pm ~ a much more intimate event than the usual open studios.

And this is my chance to show you my appreciation for your support during the year!
I really hope you will be able to stop by to talk and hang out for a while. Perhaps also to try my homemade Swedish ‘Glögg’ with Ginger cookies… a tradition I like to keep alive!

See you then!

Sunday, Dec 6th  |  11-5PM  |  Building 101, Studio 1306

Driving Directions

Come over to out Holiday Party and Art show!

Come over to out Holiday Party and Art show!


New work is seeing the daylight…

A close up of some of my new work.

Here is a close up of one of my new artwork. ©www.PernillaPersson.com 2015

Here is another piece that I am working on.. it will be ready to view at my Open Studio during Oct, 17 & 18th. I hope you are planning to stop by between 11-6pm either of the days.


Promos… It’s time to get to work!

Many of the different promotional work for this Fall Open Studio over at the Hunters Point Shipyard is coming together.

I hope you have already received some 🙂 ..especially the catalog that’s awesome to have when walking around looking at art, meeting artists, takeing notes of what you see etc.

Check out my work and studio during this years Open Studio!

Check out my work and studio during this years Open Studio!

Postcards for sale at this years Open Studio :)

Postcards for sale at this years Open Studio 🙂

Come on over this weekend! Oct, 18-19 between 11-6PM

Huge ART party over at the Hunters Point Shipyard. Stop by for a visit!

You will find me in my studio 🙂
Building 101, Studio 1306 (first floor) !

pay me a visit.. :) ©PernillaPersson.com 2014

pay me a visit.. 🙂
©PernillaPersson.com 2014

This is where I can be found @ Open Studios ©PernillaPersson.com 2014

This is where I can be found @ Open Studios ©PernillaPersson.com 2014