Spring Open Studio 2022 and a ‘Special Exhibition to aid Ukraine’ is coming up!

We at Hunterspoint Shipyard Artists are preparing for our annual Spring Open Studio.
This year it happens during the weekend of April 30th and May 1st, 2022. We are open this Saturday and Sunday between 11am to 6pm.

Come out and support us, check out our new work and perhaps gift yourself with a beautiful piece or art. There are a lot of different mediums and artists out here and well worth a visit!
We are around 300 artists working here and this is one of the biggest art colonies in the USA.

This weekend you will find 110 artists’ opening their doors to the public. You will find local food vendors from the shipyard serving food and drinks between 11-4pm.

Find me in Building 101, Studio 1117!

Coastal Landscape ‘Dreamland Beach’ by ©PernillaPersson.com 2022

During the weekend we also have an art auction that will benefit the people from Ukraine.
Come and support the good cause.
The organizers are: Nova Ukraine, MesArt, STAR and Gooddler.
Art donations by Bay Area Artists.

San Francisco Shipyard open house with 3 fabulous shipyard artists

Liz Hager, BJ Van Buren and I are showing our art at Lennar’s neighborhood event at Hunters Point Shipyard.
Most other days you will find us working on first floor, wing 1300 in Building 101 on the shipyard artist site. We are a great team working together representing fellow artists and colleagues from the point.
A bit of fun for a few hours.. It’s a super sunny and hot summer day in San Francisco.

This is the weekend for my open studio.

April 21 to April 22, 2018.
I hope you have planned to stop by for a visit.
I’ll be here at Hunters Point Shipyard, Building 101, Studio 1306 selling and showing my photographs.
The event is open Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. We are 150+ artist opening our studios and it is worth a visit.

– Pernilla

Welcome to my spring open studio this weekend.
Studio 1306 in Building 101 @ Hunters Point Shipyard, 101 ,Horn Ave, San Francisco.

It’s time for Hunters Point Shipyard Artists Spring Open Studio!

Open Studio is here once more and you are invited to come!! 😀
And you are the most important ingredient in an open studio because if we don’t have any visitors – it will be a very sad event.
So come on over and pay me a visit during the weekend of..

April, 21st and 22nd
11am to 6 pm
at The Hunters Point Shipyard
Building 101, Studio 1306

Free parking will be found on 451 Galvez Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124

See you soon!

What do to this coming weekend…?

Stop by my Studio, I will have my doors Open this Weekend, October 14 & 15 between 11-6pm.
I’ll have new work up on the walls. 🙂 ..and if you missed my art reception in August then this is a good opportunity to check out my new series of work: Landscape of Portraiture.

Come to Pernilla & Mauricia's Open Studio on Oct 14 & 15 between 11 - 6pm. Photo by ©PernillaPersson.com

Come to Pernilla & Mauricia’s Open Studio on Oct 14 & 15 between 11 – 6pm. Photo by ©PernillaPersson.com

Hunters Point Shipyard
101 Horn Ave

Building 101, Studio 1306
San Francisco, CA 94124

PS. There are construction going on at the Shipyard, with new housing up the hill. They have now started building the NEW artist building as well and the area looks very different 🙂
You can park on Galvez St or at the big parking lot where you find more artists in building 115, 116, 117 and 104.
We have shuttles running the whole day between that parking up to building 101 for those of you who would like a ride. Parking and shuttle are free!

I hope you will enjoy the event – we are many artists that open our doors. There are food trucks and more to make it to a real Art and Food party! So… Stop by! 😀

Artwork to photograph

These charcoal and acrylic drawings will be the last copy work job for this week. ..a big seized paper challenge.
Artwork by Stanley Goldstein.

Stanley Goldstein's artwork in front of my camera ©PernillaPersson.com 2016

Stanley Goldstein’s artwork in front of my camera ©PernillaPersson.com 2016