My old studio @the CMR has seen its last days….

The Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch
by Mauricia Gandara, Edited by Lisa Pimentel, Photos by Pernilla Persson & Ranch Archival
“The Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch, or simply the Ranch, started as a live-work space in the late 90’s in the heart of San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. In 2000, the Ranch reopened its doors as a collective and an art studio. Since then, countless artists, makers, writers, performers, musicians, and other creative engineers buildt the Ranch into a one-of-a-kind, irreplacable community.”

Full article to be found in the Fall Open Studio Catalog, 2014 on page 42

Good Bye CMR... 2014 Artspan catalog © 2014

Good Bye CMR… 2014 Artspan catalog
© 2014

CMR Open Studios

We had a blast during this past weekend’s open studio.
It was a great ‘show’ put together by all praticipants from the Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch with fifteen artsits: Bret Winters, Craig Dorety, Chris Richards, Elizabeth Dougherty, Jamie Nasiatka, Jesse Schlenker, Holly Schneider, Lisa Pimental, Mark Antonio,  Mauricia Gandara, Paulo Sultanum, Pernilla Persson, Rachel McConnell, Stephen Albair and Tenkai Kariya.

Pernilla with her work. Photo taken by Matt McKinley.

Pernilla with her work. Photo taken by ©Matt McKinley.

A Big Thank You to every one for coming out enjoying the 2 days with us!

More photos can be found here by Craig Dorothy.  Thanks Craig for taking these awesome pics!

And remember that I will have another open studio this coming weekend at the HUNTERS POINT SHIPYARD!  Come and see me at STUDIO 1306 in building 101 between 11-6PM.