I haven’t experience snow for many years and to my surprise I found it Exciting and Fun!

Fluffy and powder snow on trees and branches, crispy crunchy sounds beneath my shoes while walking put a smile on my face. It was also constantly snowing! 😍

Nordic Light

Today I’m delivering my work ‘Wonderland IV’ and ’Beneath Water IV’ to Nordic 5 Art’s exhibition at Think round art, ‘Nordic Light”.
A show where artists showcase ideas, moments and expressions about the fleeing light in /or inspired by the Scandinavian long summer nights.

Opening on March 30th, 2019 | 4-7PM | 2140 Bush St, Suite 1 in San Francisco, CA

Read more books!

A lovely way to reuse the old and unused… Here a phone booth has turned into a smaller library.

I just love the thought!

Photo taken at Bromölla train station, Bromölla, Sweden.


Green Grass and bird song greets me in the morning!

I’m on a journey visiting family and friends in summery Sweden for a month. Lots of inspirations and new work will come from this.

I have noticed galleries are popping up in smaller cities that I’m traveling through. That is such a great feeling!
And of course I can’t help myself and just have to walk in and check it out.  Yesterday I saw an exhibition by Jessica Nordkvist (video installation; Life and Death) and Marita Nilsson (watercolor; landscape).

Below is some photos from my morning stroll earlier this morning 🙂