Early summer with sun and warmth..

During this time of the year when everything is flowering so beautifully I just have to post some more flower and nature photos.  Some people that I meet asks if I ever get tired photographing flowers.. no!   There are so many of them and they are all differently looking – like you and me.

I hope you will like them as much as I do.  Cheers!

Mothers Day..

…a celebration all around the world and on different days in various countries.  A mother could just travel around the earth and be celebrated all year around 😉

Happy Mothers Day is coming up in Sweden this Sunday.  Love you mum!

SF Etsy and Studio Gallery

Just a gentle reminder that my work is up until the end of May at Studio Gallery in a lovely group show.  If you are in the neighborhood please stop by and let me know what you think.

Studio Gallery 1

You can find my work at Studio Gallery on Polk Street this month (San Francisco). Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann.

‘Tulip IV’ from series Floral Abstractions, is here hanging in the SF Etsy Teams first groupshow. Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann.

Here is a small article to read by SF Etsy Blog.
Photos are taken by J. Astra Brinkmann.  Thanks for letting me use them!

I hope to see you all very soon on the streets of San Francisco.

Green Grass and bird song greets me in the morning!

I’m on a journey visiting family and friends in summery Sweden for a month. Lots of inspirations and new work will come from this.

I have noticed galleries are popping up in smaller cities that I’m traveling through. That is such a great feeling!
And of course I can’t help myself and just have to walk in and check it out.  Yesterday I saw an exhibition by Jessica Nordkvist (video installation; Life and Death) and Marita Nilsson (watercolor; landscape).

Below is some photos from my morning stroll earlier this morning 🙂