New work in progress…

Sometimes it takes days, weeks or even months between the moment where a photograph being taken to the editing table.. the birth. Here is a variation of Grateful #1.

Grateful, a summer memory.

Grateful #1., a summer memory. © 2015l



‘I’m home… spending a few weeks with my family, getting spoiled with my mothers lovely cooking skills ‘ <3
..and, when time had come for me to fly back to San Francisco; my youngest nephew gave me this lovely flower (picked at the neighbor fence) to photograph and to cherish a wonderful summer vacation.
#Ultimate Summer Inspiration

Summer flower, summer love ©Pernilla Persson 2015

Summer flower, summer love ©Pernilla Persson 2015


Artist Garden Inspiration

Sometimes it is just too sunny outside and you have to go out and enjoy the weather for a little while. Beautiful images and inspirations for new work come to you in a steady flow if you let it…
These images interprets a summer day, warm wind and artists love for gardening  (Thank you Richard for your hard work of this lovely garden).


Garden Inspirations © 2014

Garden Inspirations
© 2014

Early summer with sun and warmth..

During this time of the year when everything is flowering so beautifully I just have to post some more flower and nature photos.  Some people that I meet asks if I ever get tired photographing flowers.. no!   There are so many of them and they are all differently looking – like you and me.

I hope you will like them as much as I do.  Cheers!