J. M. W Turner @ De Young

I saw the wonderful show of J. M. W. Turner this past week at the De Young Museum.

I felt very inspired looking at his work; the light, the brush strokes and the wonderful light (again) from vibrant skies or wild water scene.
I definitely recommend you to see the show before its last day on Sept 20th, 2015.

…it’s very inspirational

Water Lilly Luminescence ©PernillaPersson 2015

Water Lilly Luminescence ©PernillaPersson 2015


Inspirations #1 Family,  #2 Nature,  #3 Fresh food and good Friends

Inspiration #2 Nature ©www.Pernillapersson.com 2014

Inspiration #2 Nature
©www.Pernillapersson.com 2014