Fun mixed media project

A month ago I took up the challenge and participated in Amy Souza’s April Postcard Exchange.
I have wanted to work on some collages for a while and just be pure playful this was my chance ;P
Here are 4 cards that I finished and mailed this Saturday. Perhaps this is just the start.. ūüėČ

collage and mixed media postcards © 2016

Collage and mixed media postcards © 2016

And here are the 4 beautiful handcrafted postcards that I recieved. I love them and what a fun project!
Thank you Amy, Mary, Tora and Anne for your postcards and artwork.

postcards in the mail © 2016

Postcards in the mail © 2016

Fun with simple tools.

I had the student’s making their own bokeh to create fun in camera effects.¬† Below is some of our work.¬† Enjoy!

Claudel and hart candle flames © 2013

Claudel © 2013

Hearts @ Fell Street in SF © 2013

Hearts @ Fell Street in SF © 2013

Images by ©Paul and ©Thousand

Images by ©Paul and ©Thousand

How to make your own Bokeh  if you are using a Point & Shoot.
Have Fun
..and be Playful!



the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
the idea, image, desire, feeling, etc., itself.
the state of being obsessed.
the act of obsessing.

Friday lunch at Osha.

I just had a wonderful lunch together with my artist friend Jenny Wantuch at Osha’s on Second Street in San Francisco.
While eating spicy food & spring cleaning clogged brain cells.. constructed ideas came up about Open Studios and why we have them.. We also came up with many prosperous ideas of art projects that will come to bloom within a year or two.
Yes for pumpkin curry and curated, self portrait shows!

Fun Photograms!

Back into the darkroom and working digitally at the same time is kind of FUN!  I love it!

Exposing photopaper in the sun >> photogram

Exposing photopaper in the sun >> photogram ©Pernilla Persson 2012

Exposing photopaper in the sun >> teaching photograms.

Exposing photopaper in the sun >> teaching photograms. ©Pernilla Persson 2012

My new series that I have been working on for a while; ‘String of Life’ has been a playful game with intertwined threads of photographing digital images without a camera.. ¬† and I have a wish to rebuild cameras and scanners into new ‘pixel-capture-tool’.

This post by Photojojo is a great inspiration and I can’t wait to dive into this huge pool of possibilities!!
Just for fun you should check this out too ūüėÄ