‘I’m home… spending a few weeks with my family, getting spoiled with my mothers lovely cooking skills ‘ <3
..and, when time had come for me to fly back to San Francisco; my youngest nephew gave me this lovely flower (picked at the neighbor fence) to photograph and to cherish a wonderful summer vacation.
#Ultimate Summer Inspiration

Summer flower, summer love ©Pernilla Persson 2015

Summer flower, summer love ©Pernilla Persson 2015



My Addiction and Love goes to my puRRrrrring friends….

Today’s Topic: ‘Happy Love’

I thought it would be interesting to know how words like ‘happy love’ can differ between cultures and countries. So I had to ask my students.. I am looking forward to see what kind of images they will bring in to class next week!

© Pernilla Persson, Portraits, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!