Save the date – December 3rd.

Come to our annual Holiday Party at Hunters Point Shipyard on Sunday, December 3rd!

We will be there from 11 to 6 pm with goodies to eat and drink in our studio :)  It is a smaller event without the big crowds that passes by during the open studios. This is a low key way to enjoy a Holiday Party and Art Show. I hope you will be able to join us!

Hunterspoint Shipyard
Build 101 Studio# 1306
101 Horn Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94124

Come to our Holiday Party and Art Show at Hunters Point Shipyard.

Come to our Holiday Party and Art Show at Hunters Point Shipyard.

Giving Thanks <3


Thanks for being here.

Thank You! ©

Today I give thanks for my family and friends that fill my life with love and laughter. To all the wonderful people I have met during the year, you enhanced my days and I thank you for the experiences that they gave.

To life, thank you for having me here. And for you who read this post I you wish an amazing day filled joy.



Fall, falling leaves and autumn

Fall is my favorite season.. a transition between summer to winter. I love its look and how it smells and tastes!
Harvest time gives the richness from mother earth in many shapes and forms. It makes me think of early nightfall with lit candles, hot beverages, apple pie and a good book to read.
I took these images during one of my many walks in Golden Gate Park.


What a rejuvenating Sunday!
Gardening can be one the best ways to refresh yourself. Today the plants looks happier, greener and healthier.. and I have a place where to lunch outside. :)  Here is an image from one of many thriving succulents.

Garden Inspirations 1 © 2014

Garden Inspirations 1

San Francisco weather was absolutely fabulous this weekend!

Our city just showed us how beautiful it can be staying or visiting San Francisco a day in October. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and took a chance being outdoors enjoying the sun and fresh air.
To all of you who visited Hunters Point Open Studios a Big Thank You for coming out and making it so great!

Pernilla at her open studio 2017. ©Pernilla

Pernilla at her open studio 2017. ©Pernilla

Panorama at Pernilla's studio this weekend. ©Pernilla Persson 2017

Panorama at Pernilla’s studio this weekend. ©Pernilla Persson 2017