Spring Open Studio 2022 and a ‘Special Exhibition to aid Ukraine’ is coming up!

We at Hunterspoint Shipyard Artists are preparing for our annual Spring Open Studio.
This year it happens during the weekend of April 30th and May 1st, 2022. We are open this Saturday and Sunday between 11am to 6pm.

Come out and support us, check out our new work and perhaps gift yourself with a beautiful piece or art. There are a lot of different mediums and artists out here and well worth a visit!
We are around 300 artists working here and this is one of the biggest art colonies in the USA.

This weekend you will find 110 artists’ opening their doors to the public. You will find local food vendors from the shipyard serving food and drinks between 11-4pm.

Find me in Building 101, Studio 1117!

Coastal Landscape ‘Dreamland Beach’ by ©PernillaPersson.com 2022

During the weekend we also have an art auction that will benefit the people from Ukraine.
Come and support the good cause.
The organizers are: Nova Ukraine, MesArt, STAR and Gooddler.
Art donations by Bay Area Artists.

Magnetic walls in my studio

For a long time I had this vision to have magnetic walls in my studio where I could just easily hang up new prints or use as a vision board. Didn’t know if I wanted to commit to a real wall with metal sheets though and suddenly I realized that my shelf unit – that really was ugly – would be a perfect place to build walls on.

Here are a few images from that project where I’m sanding, glueing metal sheets on to sliding walls and at last spray paint on to the final surface. 

Yay! I’m so excited over this and building it myself was fun!

Happy Holidays and Happy 2022!

A big shout out to everyone that’s been coming out to see me this December, your support are appreciated and it makes me happy to have you in my life.

If you missed the dates and couldn’t come, then you still have a chance to check out my work and what’s available at my online store. It will stay open until December 31st.

Pernilla's online store is open until December 31st.
Pernilla’s online store is open until December 31st.

Stay safe and take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

– Pernilla

December 9th, 5-7PM

Find us at 301Cortland Ave in Bernal Heights Hills selling art and greeting friends from 5 to 7 pm tonight. I hope you will stop by!

Wow.. it is already December!

..and on the news they say it is snowing in my old hometown in Sweden. Brrrr, cold!, and how beautiful at the same time.
I feel lucky to live in sunny San Francisco, California where it’s not too warm or too cold. This is what we call “lagom” (perfectly in between) in Swedish.

Traditionally I serve “glögg” (mulled wine) during our HOLIDAY PARTY AND ART SHOW, sadly this year due to Covid we will not have any food inside. This tradition will have to wait until next year.

Though!, we are still having our Holiday Party and it is happening this Sunday, December 5th. PLEASE, come and visit us, show your support and have fun. There are art for sale, great ideas for gifts, food vendor and live music.

Shipyard Artist Studios

December 5th | 11am to 5pm

Building 101, Studio 1117
415 Galvez Ave
San Francisco, CA

December News

December is a fun and busy month for me. I will be showing my art in my studio at the shipyard’s Holiday Party and Art Show

December 5th, between 11-5pm. 
Hunters Point Shipyard, 451 Galvez Ave, San Francisco, CA

On December 4th and 9th I will show my art in a new art space at Bernal Height: “301 Cortland Arts” Open Studios and Holiday Show

December 4th | 10-4pm and December 9th | 5-7pm.
301 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA