Thank you for sharing this evening with me! I’m grateful that you all came out to see me and my work.


“Still Life” an Art Reception this Thursday

I’ll have an art reception at Arterra this Thursday, July 25th, between 7-9PM.

Take the muni down to the Cal Train Station and walk a block to 300 Berry Street and I’ll be there. I’m showing a variety of work from ‘Seasons of Light’ and ‘String of Life’.

I would love to see you!

Poster Image

Art at Arterra

preparing artwork for show Mauricia is helping me out art up on the wall Artist and work.

I just finished hanging my work and show at Arterra, on 300 Berry Street in San Francisco.
It is always more job than I remember to frame, hang and prepare artwork.  In the end it always works out, the show looks good and I am happy.
A big thank you to Mauricia who helped me hanging and sorting the wires for the hanging system!