#PhotoFriday outdoors shooting with #balckandwhitefilm, So much fun! ©
#PhotoFriday outdoors shooting with #balckandwhitefilm, So much fun! ©


The Hunters Point Shipyard Artists (HPSA) are the largest artist community in the United States, with almost 300 artists in working studios. Read a brief history of the Shipyard.
We are located in the former U.S. Naval Shipyard in the Bayview Hunters Point community of San Francisco, and in the nearby Islais Creek Studios.

Driving directions to 101 Horne Ave, San Francisco “Hunters Point Shipyard”

Check out the shipyard artists website for more information about the our Fall Open Studio and our online store (available during open studio month). article


Editing and selecting images for print, it is an exciting time as I am preparing for our open studio on October 23 & 24 at the shipyard. 😀
After a year of lockdown we are once more ready to open our doors to the public. We are excited and energized!
I am crossing my fingers that covid cases stays low and ‘under control’ so we can keep open up our city and state to the world.

Weekend: October 23 and 24, 2021
at Hunters Point Shipyard
NEW Studio!
Building 101, Studio 1117

Work in progress. Photos to edit and print | ©
Work in progress. Photos to edit and print | ©

Covid safe photoshoot


Oh, what a time we are in… isolated and perhaps even a bit scared to meet people, at the same time socialize and to be social is such an important part of life.
Today I tend to flowers and plants as my best friend and ally when creating and photographing in my studio. They have been my savior this past year.
I’m slowly getting ready to crawl out of hibernation, with 2 covid-19 vaccinations under my belt I am ready to meet the world.

Summer roses | ©
Wild roses with a lovely smell that fills the air attracting pollinators, ready to share their gift with the world | ©



This photo was taken during a foggy morning walk. Moody gray weather sometimes inspires me. With my camera in my hand I captured this photograph of a leaf on the ground, I love drippy drops and how they beautify their surrounding.

August is here and it’s time to print and see what I have created, to mat and frame my work is an important part of my artistic process. Creations changes with different media; from monitor to print and what paper you use when printing, used color on mat board and frame.. it all comes together as one product in the end.

Preparing to show my photographs to the world.


It’s always exciting when your work finds a new home. This pieces is being shipped to the east coast today and it feels like Christmas wrapping it before mailing it off.

Sun & Moon | Series; String of Life by ©
Sun & Moon | Series; String of Life | Photography, by ©


My view from my studio window during spring time 🙂

Plants blooming in my studio garden. A sight of joy every year! ©

Plants blooming in my studio garden. A sight of joy every year! © 2018