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Traveling and finding a way back to myself.

I’m super excited to see these photographs being printed and framed! Some of them you will find framed at my open studio (October 23 & 24, 2021) this year, others you can order at my online store later in December.

Last fall I decided to go on a road trip and follow the coast line south California. I camped along the road at campsites that were still open… (remember, we where in this awful shutdown due to Covid-19. Hopefully, we are now on our way out of this epidemic).
It was a truly amazing journey, and exactly what I needed!
I visited national parks, sat at the beach and hiked mountains. I had a longing to be fully immersed in nature, to reconnect with myself, away from the city. I felt my creative juices started moving and began photographing landscapes that past by as scenery; a new portfolio of work has been born.

Below are 3 photographs that I shot during the trip and edited on the spot. They were all photographed in the mountains of Cerro Alto, California, where it is quiet at night and incredibly beautiful.

Summer Solstice

Summer solstice; a wonderful time to be outdoors and enjoy summer with friends. Most covid-19 restrictions are lifted. I’m vaccinated and feeling safer to visit family or host a dinner, just that is worth celebrating!
Long bright evenings and warm nights with an early rising morning sun after a few hours sleep.. there are so many things to enjoy in life.

I love all the flowers and plants that paints our landscape green and beautiful. It’s time to celebrate all gifts given to us.

Midsummer bouquet
Midsummer bouquet | ©

Happy Midsummer everyone!

Shadow play in my studio

The other day when I was working, I noticed this wonderful shadow play on my studio wall. Sould soft, deep shadows, mysterious dark intrigues and inspires me, will art be sparked out of this?

Deep soft and mysterious shadows on my wall, Hunters Point Shipyard, Building 101 Studio 1117 San Francisco, CA ©
title: 1617 #2 | Series: Figurins ©

Covid safe photoshoot


Oh, what a time we are in… isolated and perhaps even a bit scared to meet people, at the same time socialize and to be social is such an important part of life.
Today I tend to flowers and plants as my best friend and ally when creating and photographing in my studio. They have been my savior this past year.
I’m slowly getting ready to crawl out of hibernation, with 2 covid-19 vaccinations under my belt I am ready to meet the world.

Summer roses | ©
Wild roses with a lovely smell that fills the air attracting pollinators, ready to share their gift with the world | ©


Window and views..

…during a very welcomed rain that we need so well!
I’m in my studio working on some new photographs that I just took earlier this morning.

During break, I noticed how beautiful my indoor plants looked to the more muted outdoor‘s rainy background.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

Appreciation for the moment.

I believe 2 months of shelter-in-place has changed a lot of how we as a society behave and how we think about our future. To relax and move anxiety towards a more positive state of mind I went to my studio a lot. I am lucky to have my own studio where I could shelter safely 🙂

I decided to play and experiment with ideas that I have had for a long time. Finally I began with all these new projects I’ve been dreaming about. It was liberating! I brought out some paint from my storage, amazing and fun colors, to do monoprints. I had collected leaves of course as it is one of my passions to photograph.

the fun is to begin..
Oh, I love these colors.. this blue green quickly became a favorite of mine.

I have so much to learn from my painter friends! Like… how to perhaps have a simple vision beforehand because when the paint is down on the paper you can’t really photoshop it away or desaturate parts of it. Hahaha!
Well, that’s what learning is all about.

not really done yet.. some more colors perhaps?