I haven’t experience snow for many years and to my surprise I found it Exciting and Fun!

Fluffy and powder snow on trees and branches, crispy crunchy sounds beneath my shoes while walking put a smile on my face. It was also constantly snowing! 😍


I’m relocating to Sweden and this is my first stop, Olofström.
This is where I’m born and raised and by going back to my roots I hopefully also know what other steps to take.

Lake Halen my favorite muse – an early cold morning when the water froze and it was sunny and peaceful. ©Pernilla Persson 2023


It’s with excitement that I’m closing this studio door, returning my key for a new tenant to have the joy of creating art in this space!
My heart is full of thanks and gratefulness to each one of you who came out to wish me luck on my future adventures. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

At the same time.. You will all be missed and my heart is aching already. What an intense blend of mixed feelings, sweet and sour all together.

Happy New Year everyone!!
May all your wishes come true this 2023.

My creative safe space 🥰 I’ll miss it, yet am I excited over what’s around the corner..


**NEW DATE added!

I have decided to open my studio for a Private Holiday Show and Moving Sale on December 18th, 2022
noon to 5PM
at Hunters Point Shipyard

Studio 1117: 101 Horn Ave, San Francisco, CA

Email me if you would like to come for a private appointment on Thursday / Friday or Saturday (12.15 – 12.17 2022) prior to the holiday event.
This viewing will be more intimate as I most likely will still be preparing for Sunday.

Changes in the air..

The photos below shows 2 cities that I love very much. They have similar qualities yet are so different and mixed with old and new, new and old.

San Francisco, CA downtown, with the Bay Bridge and sunrise reflection an early morning November, 2022. Driving across the Bay Bridge was my first entry to the city in summer 2000 and it is just stunning.. it brings so many wonderful memories back to life.

Moon light and sunset over the bay that indicates new life is soon to begin, all over again..

Stockholm, Sweden at sunset summer 2022. Magical, calm, future…

After a lot of contemplation, going back and forth in conversations and thoughts, I have decided to move forward with my life and move back to Sweden. At least for a while.. I keep saying.. I can always come back.
San Francisco, it has been a pleasure to meet you and share moments about art and life during all these years. I will miss you very much, yet hope it will bring wonderful changes to my life and new art to come with it.

Beautiful friends and art collectors!

Come, See and Celebrate with me on December 4th, 2022! This is my last Holiday Party and Art Show at Hunters Point Shipyard.
Visit me in Building 101, Studio 1117
11am to 6pm

@Hunters Point Shipyard, 101 Horn Ave, San Francisco

…and remember to come back here and find out what’s new, sign up on my email list and check out my website for updates!

New work in progress

This summer and early fall I started to work on my figure study series again. It is so much fun to be back in my studio working and collaborating with models and real people!

Here are 2 samples of my latest work. Each study is printed as “one of a kind” 4×5 inches metal print. Small and delicate they are inviting you to an intimate viewing.

Photography, 4×5 inches, Figure Study #188 and Figure Study #73 ©Pernilla Persson 2022

Sunlight beaming through the branches off an oak …

My inspiration and creative process.

Inspiration and the creative process comes in many shapes and forms. There are many parts involved and it is definitely not a straight line that I follow, many ideas come in short brief aha-moments when I’m present in the moment. It can be a beautiful beam of light or a shiny surface reflection that catches my eye, who creates the most fantastic ideas or inspiration. These are the moments that I collect and sort through before a photography session or start a new series of work.

I have notebooks with text and sketches laying around that I can go back to when I feel I’m running out of ideas or need to reflect over how to move forward with a project.

The images below indicates my love to photograph outdoors in nature. It’s freeing and very relaxed, at times I have to patiently wait for the light or moment to “be just right”. The light is the key for my imagery, how it falls and shapes the object is what creates a photograph. 

Every so often there are very little photo editing involved. This is where my vision and the image comes together at the same time as I click the shutter. On the other hand some series need additional work before my original idea is captured. This is when I take a seat in front of my computer to start the second part of the creative process, photo editing.

When I feel it all looks right it is time to select what paper or material to print the photograph on. This is as crucial and important as any of the other parts of my creative process. I love to experiment and try new ways to display my work. The print process can also be a bit tricky as you move from idea, to captured image through the camera, to the computer and finally to ink. 

To finalize the idea photograph is the fist step in my creative process.
To finalize the idea photograph is the fist step in my creative process.
Photography “Magical Light” from series Landscape Others |
Photograph “Woodlands” from series Landscape Others |