Sugarloaf Ridge State Park


I drove up north to visit friends in Santa Rosa over the weekend and stoped by Sugarloaf Ridge State Park for a hike. It’s gorgeous up here with choices of hikes past waterfalls or to walk up the mountain.
Obviously there was no water in the falls this time of the year.. but I can imagine how beautiful it is during early spring. This time I chose to hike up the Bald Mountain walking through fire ravaged landscape with surviving trees.
When I finally made it to the top I found the 360˚ view spectacular and as you can see on the photograph below.. at the horizon you can see as far as to San Francisco. An amazing hike and a wonderful state park to visit.

Bald Mountain with view over the Bay Area and San Francisco 2022 ©

Magnetic walls in my studio

For a long time I had this vision to have magnetic walls in my studio where I could just easily hang up new prints or use as a vision board. Didn’t know if I wanted to commit to a real wall with metal sheets though and suddenly I realized that my shelf unit – that really was ugly – would be a perfect place to build walls on.

Here are a few images from that project where I’m sanding, glueing metal sheets on to sliding walls and at last spray paint on to the final surface. 

Yay! I’m so excited over this and building it myself was fun!


#PhotoFriday outdoors shooting with #balckandwhitefilm, So much fun! ©
#PhotoFriday outdoors shooting with #balckandwhitefilm, So much fun! ©

Traveling and finding a way back to myself.

I’m super excited to see these photographs being printed and framed! Some of them you will find framed at my open studio (October 23 & 24, 2021) this year, others you can order at my online store later in December.

Last fall I decided to go on a road trip and follow the coast line south California. I camped along the road at campsites that were still open… (remember, we where in this awful shutdown due to Covid-19. Hopefully, we are now on our way out of this epidemic).
It was a truly amazing journey, and exactly what I needed!
I visited national parks, sat at the beach and hiked mountains. I had a longing to be fully immersed in nature, to reconnect with myself, away from the city. I felt my creative juices started moving and began photographing landscapes that past by as scenery; a new portfolio of work has been born.

Below are 3 photographs that I shot during the trip and edited on the spot. They were all photographed in the mountains of Cerro Alto, California, where it is quiet at night and incredibly beautiful.

Summer Solstice

Summer solstice; a wonderful time to be outdoors and enjoy summer with friends. Most covid-19 restrictions are lifted. I’m vaccinated and feeling safer to visit family or host a dinner, just that is worth celebrating!
Long bright evenings and warm nights with an early rising morning sun after a few hours sleep.. there are so many things to enjoy in life.

I love all the flowers and plants that paints our landscape green and beautiful. It’s time to celebrate all gifts given to us.

Midsummer bouquet
Midsummer bouquet | ©

Happy Midsummer everyone!